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DPR Reset Zone, "Where Membership Matters"

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DPR Reset Zone:  a place for Members to Achieve their Goals

DPR Wellness strives to provide a safe environment for you to make progress as you pursue your healthier lifestyle.  After all, isn’t it why you started this healthier lifestyle program?  You have chosen to learn ways that you can find food choices and movement options that will weave into your daily life over time as a result of new and healthier lifestyle habits.  We understand that it takes time to change behaviors.  We do believe that you can make significant decisions to put yourself in a healthier place which is often about more time for you to take care of yourself. Take a look at your current lifestyle choices and know why you want to pursue your goals and achieve them.

At DPR Wellness we let you choose how you pursue your healthier lifestyle by selecting one of 3 options (available to in clinic and Skype appointments).  For our online only members you can choose your subscription level package to pursue the level of interaction you want online:

Daily Lifestyle:  you will learn serving sizes, how to control your portions and healthier food choices and ingredient options that will enhance your daily nutrition intake.  You will learn how to arrange your food groups to help you lose weight more effectively and with less effort.  You will be provided with current technology information to help you with your nutrition education for daily living.  Exercise is a focus and options will be given for all abilities.  You will learn about what you can do and based on this the progress you can have to achieve your goal.  This is our entry level program that begins with a 4 visit minimum.  Online only members:  complete portal use and interaction.  See subscpription package for details.

Pace Your Progress:  you will learn how to chart your daily foods in our online meal tracker zone.  Your portal is where you will organize the foods you eat, learn how to create healthier recipes, ingredient shop with intention and learn how to execute a daily food plan that helps with your weight loss efforts.  This program is designed to empower you through applying what you learn and energizing you with healthier ways to eat (at home or when dining out).   PACE is for the person who wants to achieve weekly goals at a very steady PACE.  Your commitment to show up and willingness to change habits are fundamental in PACE.  12 visit minimum.  Online only members:  comes with Skype counseling and full member zone access. See subscpription package for details.

Reach Your Goal:  You are ready and want to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  This is our fast forward zone for reaching each of your healthier lifestyles goals for life.  You will learn how to chart, commit to a 6 week power loss program that balances food intake, has you eating well and you are exercising regularly.  This is for the individual who is ready to commit to a program and personal lifestyle goals and is ready to learn how to create new habits with food and exercise and is simply ready to go!   Online only members:  comes with Skype counseling and full member zone access.  See subscpription package for details.  Commitment:  goal achieved.

VIRTUAL Programs Customized to You!

You can select to do your DPR Reset Zone membership online where you chart your meals, work your personalized numbers to help with metabolism reset and track your fitness daily.  This is for the self motivated individual who is ready to go!

For those wanting nutritional consults you can now access our professional services online to meet with our Nutritionist that will help you navigate your Reset Zone portal and provide one on one customized counseling to help you launch and be daily ready to win at weight loss.  

Program options to choose from for every lifestyle!

Each program option is available and you can switch the program you want at any time with a prior to appointment notice.  All you need to do is contact your Nutrition Counselor with an inner office message in your DPR Reset Zone portal.  We understand that life is complicated and the intensity that you are willing to put in may change over time.  We would rather have you on board with accountability and continued learning than the repetitive pattern of putting your healthier lifestyle application on hold.  We believe this cycle needs to be broken which is why you can move the level you are able to embrace once you decide to begin.

In the event that you decide to go off program, you will need to agree to a last exit appointment so you can have solid closure with your decision.  Of course you are welcome to come back at any time to re-start you!  All active programs come with access to our online tools and virtual connection to ongoing counseling* between appointments.