DPR Wellness Membership FAQ's
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DPR Wellness and Weight Loss Membership FAQ's

Q:  What are the advantages of membership in your "program"?

A:  You receive access to our digital (desktop, tablet and phone) lifestyle tracker that connects you with extensive nutritional guideance.  You can select how connected you want to be, such as self guided or with nutrition counseling services that fit your requirements.  Prices vary and you choose your accountability level.  

Q:  Do you only work with patients in your practice:

A:  No, our DPR Wellness program is available to any level of membership which includes patients and non-patients.  

Q:  Why do patients pay less for the Emerald service?

A:  Patients meet in person with our staff Nutritionist and pay additional fees for their appointment.  

Q:  What if I decide to no longer engage monthly with my selected level of DPR Wellness membership?

A:  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to cancel your membership.  We will need your written authorization via email to cancel.  Provide a one week lead time to cancel prior to your next auto-pay withdrawal to cancel all future payments for the use of the digital service we have provided.