Meal Plan Groups
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Meal Plan Groups

DPR Wellness and Weightloss is focused on healthier lifestyle choices.  Food is a major contributor to the health and wellness direction of everyone we encounter that wants to make a positive impact on personal health and the selection of food choices greatly matter.  We have varied meal plans that you can choose from to see how your food choices and the quantity of food intake will impact weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance results.  A blind approach to meal planning is like finding your next unknown destination without the help of GPS on your smartphone.  

Whether you select Meatless, High Protein from animal sources of from blended protein meals to make healthier choices over a span of time, we give you meal plans by these two categories.  These meal plans can be found by are members who want a program approach to reach their daily, weekly and monthly goals.  Membership can be self guided with the help of the DPR Wellness APP or by meeting with our staff Nutritionist to help you reach your goals with additional accountability and counseling.