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Improve your health and overall wellness with our Physician approved pharmacy grade products that are formulated to impact supplement absorption at the cellular level. This underscores the cost savings you receive with our pre-approved line of products.

Castro Valley Store

Castro Valley Store

Each product is available at our clinic for immediate purchase. Take the guesswork out of buying, be supplement smart!


Each product delivers pharmacy grade nutrition and is designed for absorption and health results. Your order will ship from Bodywise to the address you choose.

Optavia Store

Incorporate Healthy Habits with the food choices you make to actually reach your goal weight! Choose from over 60 delicious food options! Receive coaching accountability.


Research based products that are designed for achieving short and long-term health goals. Your optimal results product line is drop shipped to you with our provided online store link.

Select Any One of These Products Based on Proven Results for Your Optimal Health!

Microbiome Labs

Dedicated to total Gastro Intestinal Restoration. Re-build, recondition and reinforce your immune system with the leader in Gut Health.


Emphasizes the science behind the symptoms. Provides quality-blended ingredients at impactful amounts to deliver consistent results. All orders will be shipped direct to you!



Highest quality ingredients are only selected with the dedication to product purity alongside effective outcomes. Your order is drop shipped directly to your selected address.

Designs for Health

A research first company dedicated to product potency and ingredient absorption with each formulation offered. Trust this research backed superior line of trusted products. Order direct with our provided link to receive your online order.

Did you know that Pharmacy Grade must be in excess of 99% purity?
Purity also means containing
no binders, fillers, dyes or unknown substances!

Supplement Quality = $$ Savings to You


 *These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate disease. 


MegaSporeBiotic™ in the Treatment of IBS

MegaSporeBiotic™ in the Treatment of IBS

If IBS is linked to dysbiosis then MegaSporeBiotic has the capacity to reduce gut dysbiosis to a similar degree as antibiotic treatment without the negative side effects of these medications.

Microbiome Labs is excited to announce the publication of their most recent study, "Bacillus spp. Spores—A Promising Treatment Option for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome."

This prospective, randomized clinical study

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  • Ask about our Nutritionist Special!

    Super Fat Burner (SFB) with Gymnema Sylvestre can improve insulin response, reduce blood sugar and help your body with carb cravings. When combined with additional ingredients (Chromium Picolinate), you can add to your weight loss results by helping to regulate food intake (cravings) and satiety.

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  • Protect Your Immune Health Today!

    AG Immune ingredients support your immune system with AI/E10 to boost and modulates immune system responses. Maitake mushroom TD-fraction promotes immune system recovery after exercise.* Arabinogalactans helps activate the immune cells while Astragalus root helps reduce the effects of stress.* You can support your immune defenses. Choose wisely with AG Immune!

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  • Dr. Bradley Wadja, Psychiatrist Super MemX2 Formulator for BodyWise International

    Super MemX2 is formulated to support palpable improvement in cognition within weeks

    NEW and IMPROVED Super MemX2 supports mental acuity: the abiity to focus, concentrate, learn and remember. Designed to deliver brain-boosting nutrients that promote balanced neurotransmitter activity so you stay sharp and alert. Helps protect brain cells from free radical damage.* Super MemX2 is reformulated, helping you think faster, learn easily and remember more.* Helps clear away brain fog so you’re mentally alert.* Loved by students, teachers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and seniors. Super MemX2 now available for order.

    Super MemX2 is a game changer, Dr. Bradley Wadja

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  • What our DPR Wellness and Weight Loss Members are saying...

    Johnny W: my energy level has increased while my depression has decreased with every pound lost. I am learning how to live a healthier lifestyle through healthier food choices that I actually want to eat. Nutritious foods fuel my energy and impact my mood. I have renewed my motivation with membership accountability to reach my weight loss goals.

    Elizabeth M.: I never knew how many foods were high in sugar. Learning about food ingredients and the choices I am making has positively impacted my results. Meeting with my nutritionist has really made a big difference in my ongoing weight loss achievement. This one-on-one accountability is foundational to my success. I am consistently losing 1 pound per week and I feel physically better. Weekly weight loss through education works!

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