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WEBcalculatehealthgraphic Knowing what your weight means to your health is an important step you can take on your quest to reach your healthier lifestyle goals.  It is true, knowledge, or your health knowledge, is power.  Bring in to alignment what you think is healthy with what truly is medically supported as healthy.  Know your numbers, set your goals and establish new habits to succeed.

Our selected Health Related Calculators will provide you information about your health so you can establish realistic goals to achieve them throughout the year. Knowing your personal "numbers" is what connects you to your macro-nutrients.  We teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Health Calculators and how to use them to win at weight loss is what you will learn in the DPR program.  

Smart Start Your Fat Loss
To Learn the DPR Reset Zone Program you need to Know Your Numbers:

  1. In our Health-Related Calculator, take your Basal Metabolic Rate
  2. Take your BMR number and place it into the 35 35 30 Calculator. Your Protein, Carb and Fat numbers will guide you to your weight loss goal.


Health-Related Calculators
  • Target Heart Rate (THR)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Percent (BFP)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Caloric Usage
  • Summary
Target Heart Rate Calculator

Maximize the benefits of cardiovascular activity when you exercise in the zone of your target heart rate (THR).

Resting Heart Rate

Lower Limit

Target HR

Upper Limit

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Body Mass Index Calculator

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

Imperial (lbs, inches)
Metric (kg, cm)


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Body Fat Calculator

Calculate your Body Fat as a percentage (lbs or kg - inches or cm).

Imperial (inches) Male
Metric (cm) Female

Body Fat Percent

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Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculation.

Imperial (lbs, inches) Male
Metric (kg, cm) Female


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Caloric Usage Calculator

Calculate your total energy expenditure in calories using your calculated BMR.

Lightly Active
Moderately Active
Very Active
Extra Active
Calculated BMR

Calories Burnt

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Health Summary

This is your calculated health summary.

Target Heart Rate:
Body Mass Index:
Body Fat:
Basal Metabolic Rate:
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Now that you know your numbers you can begin to plate your foods for fat loss while upping your metabolism through our balanced plate approach. Get to know your Health Calculator as they are your tools to help you reach your weight and/or fat loss goal. Our objective is that you learn how to lose and than you keep it off with our 35/35/30 system.

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