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Wellness is about balancing your physical, mental and emotional needs to optimize your health.  Dr. Robinson has worked for years on educating patients about the benefits of exercise and making dietary changes to improve health and function, and just to feel better.  This is a constantly evolving program to bring together personal and community resources to help motivate and guide people to make significant lifestyle changes to lose weight and better their health.

Nutrition and daily activity have a major impact on virtually every aspect of our lives and wellness.  Weight problems and obesity greatly effect almost every disease process, from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other vascular disease, to reflux and digestive problems, breathing problems and lung disease, insomnia and sleep apnea, depression, dementia, sexual health problems, joint problems, ballance and mobility, as well as most cancers, both primary risk and recurrences.

Our physician assisted weight loss program makes all the difference in patients achieving success. We give you the guidance, support, motivation, and accountability you need to systematically lose not just weight, but the actual body fat that is so damaging to your health. Through use of our body composition analyzer we can monitor and customize our program to maximize reduction of body fat while keeping and building lean body mass and the muscle needed to drive your metabolism, stay strong, and maintain your weight loss for good.

We go beyond what you may have seen before with commercial weight management programs both in terms of patient success, as well as in affordability. By working with insurance to offset our costs, we are able to keep your costs low, and affordable even for those without insurance.

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