Specific Stores FAQS
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Q: Do your manufacturers charge for shipping?

     A: Each store has its own policy:

DPR Castro Valley Store:  shipping only upon pre-authorized arrangement and shipping charges apply.  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request to ship questions.

Optavia:  all products will ship from Optavia.  Premier/auto ship members ordering $250.00 or more per auto-shipment will not have a shipping fee.  $150.00-$249.00 Premier/auto-ship amount will incur a $5.00 shipping fee.  All other orders will be at regular shipping rates and will be reflected on your custom order while shopping on the imbedded Optavia link on the DPR website.

BodyWise:  Products listed are the final price of the products being shipped to you from the BodyWise warehouse with no additional shipping charge.  Order from the DPR store and our nutritionist will call you to let you know when to expect to receive your order.  Typically it is 2-3 business days from the day of your order placement.

Microbiome Labs:  product is available in the DPR Castro Valley store and available for pick-up at our clinic.  See DPR Castro Valley Store (as noted above) for shipping details.   

Neuroscience product you order from our online store will ship to you from the Neuroscience warehouse in Wisconsin.  There is a flat fee per entire order of $10.00.  Order, check-out and receive your product in 2-3 business days.

Thorne there is no shipping fee with product you order from our imbedded link to Thorne. Click to Thorne without a minimum requirement.

Metagenics Free shipping with a $49.00 or greater order when selecting auto-ship (options will be provided for auto-receiving future orders when placing your order).  Your first order will receive a 15% discount automatically at checkout.  Shipping fees will apply to one-time orders.

Designs for Health:  Shipping is free when ordering $49.00 or more. FIRST20  is your promo discount code to receive 20% off your first order.  Add this promo code at checkout. 

Q:  Why do you have so many stores to shop with on your website?

     A:   Dr. Robinson has reviewed the products available from each manufacturer he has chosen to add to his site for your convenience and peace of mind when choosing supplements to purchase.  Ingredient sourcing, product quality, manufacturing practices and formulations are designed for absorption and efficacy with the listed manufacturers.  Supplement choices can be confusing so Dr. Robinson has taken the guesswork out while also streamlining your affordable options.

 Q:  What Stores can I shop and pick up my order at the Castro Valley Clinic?

      A:  You can shop our DPR Castro Valley Store and our Microbiome Labs Store for pick up at our Castro Valley Clinic.

 Q:  Why can't I pick up the other products from the other stores on your site? 

      A:  These select manufacturers use a model of direct delivery to your home or office when shopping direct with them online.  Your link to their website from our store site keeps you connected with Dr. Robinson as the provider of their supplement line.  You have to select a Doctor to shop with these manufacturers and our imbedded link will prompt you to create your own account and have the ability to purchase these Functional Medicine lines of supplement products.

 Q:  Why does Thorne need a Practitioner Code when registering?

      A:  Thorne works directly with Practitioners and you will need a code when ordering with the imbedded link (connecting Dr. Robinson with Thorne's store).  As a new user you can type in Paul Robinson as your referring physician or use the Patient Express Code HCP1170613.  Shipping is free when ordering from Thorne.

 Q:  What if I decide to return the product I purchased?

      A:  Each manufacturer has their own return policy and you will need to review the site of the manufacturer you purchase with to see what their return policy is.  You will work direct with the company to process your return.  Products purchased from the the DPR Castro Valley Clinic with the Vitalabs label or Microbiome Labs label can only be returned if unused or unopened within 30 days of original purchase date.