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FAQs by Topic


Q:  What Insurance do you take?

A:  We take the following:

     PPO:  Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Tri Care and United Health Care

     HMO:  Brown and Toland

     Medicare and Railroad Medicare 

Q:  Do you take Medical Cal?


Q:  Who do I call when I have billing questions regarding the statement I received in the mail?

A:  Call Gilbert Gerbacio at JT Howe and Associates with any questions you have regarding your received statement.  He is available weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  He can be reached at 925-363-8170 ext. 118.    

Q:  I want to know what my out of pocket costs will be for my upcoming Primary Care/Medical appointment:

A:  It is your responsibility to call your Insurance Care Provider with any questions you have prior to receiving medical treatment.  Our Front Desk staff will also ask you to make this call as it is your responsibility to seek answers to any questions you may have about your specific coverage.  This also includes questions about your co-pay, deductible and all other insurance related questions you may have prior to your appointment.

Q:  What steps do I need to take to change my insurance provider information with my doctor (beginning of the new year or midway through the current year)?

A:  When you make your appointment let our staff know and they will guide you to bring in your new insurance information to make changes to your electronic record.  You will need to provide your insurance card or current photo copy of your card when you come to your appointment.  Always provide current insurance information at your appointment should there be any changes made to your coverage by your provider.

Q:  Do I always need to come prepared to pay my co-pay at the time of my appointment?

A:  Yes, always come prepared to pay your out of pocket payment at the time of your appointment.  


Q:  Does insurance cover my initial and follow-up Wellness and Weight Loss Visits?

A:   Insurance Co-Pays will vary depending upon the type of insurance you have.  Typically, your first appointment is a $50.00 co-pay and $25.00 co-pay per each follow-up counseling visit.  We take California Residents only for Insurance Submitted appointments. 

Q:  I am on Medicare with a Secondary Insurance Provider, what is my cost?  

A:  100% Medicare billed, no co-pay.

Q:  I have Medicare only, no secondary provider.  What is my cost?  

A:  Your first appointment is $21.00 and your follow-up appointment is $16.62

Q:  I have a PPO Insurance Policy, what is my cost?

A:  Please check with our Front Desk at 510-886-5515 or leave a email message online at our FRONT DESK and let us know more about you and your the specifics of your insurance policy so we can provide a cost for you.

Q:  I have a high deductible, what is my cost?  

A:  Your first appointment is a $50.00 co-pay and your following appointments are a $25.00 co-pay.

Q:  Is there an Insurance Coverage Qualifier to be enrolled in the Wellness and Weight Loss Program?

A-1:  Yes, you must be available to come to our Castro Valley clinic, have insurance coverage for Wellness and Weight Loss appointments to meet with our staff to receive your healthy lifestyle counseling.  All appointments are one on one with our Nutritionist and with Dr. Robinson as needed as this is a medically supervised Weight Loss Program.  

A-2.  Wellness and Weight Loss Counseling is available without insurance at non insurance supplemented billed rates. Our nutrition counseling services are available Nationwide at very affordable rates.  See our Nutrition Packages to help you meet your goals with Wellness, building lean body mass through increased fat loss strategies that work and living a healthier lifestyle with daily lifestyle choices.  Empower your journey with our team of experts!


Q.  How do I know if Laser Therapy is for me?

A.  Indicators for MLS Laser Therapy are pain relief, intervertebral disc disease, degenerative joint disease, arthritic conditions, muscular/skeletal sytem trauma and inflammatory conditions.

Q.  What is MLS?

A.  MLS stands for Multi-wave Lock System.  MLS is the name of the technology used that utilizes the patented combination of wavelengths.

Q.  Why are two wavelengths used?

A.  MLS Laser Therapy uses two wavelengths to overcome the limits of traditional Laser Therapy.  Traditional Laser therapy does not deliver both wavelengths in a reinforcing and synchronized fashion.  Continuous laser emissions act fast on inflammation, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and inducing fast re-absorption of fluid build ups; however they only have a secondary effect on pain, which is diminished after reducing the inflammatory process.  Pulsed laser emissions, on the other hand, have a practically immediate effect on pain since they are able to induce analgesia, interfering with the very transmission of the pain impulse to the higher brain centers but they are less effective at treating inflammation and edema.

Q.  What is the advantage of MLS Laser Therapy over traditional low level lasers (LLLT)?

A.  MLS Laser Therapy is able to induce strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema and analgesic effects simultaneously and within a short period of time. LLLT cannot achieve these results because of the limitations of using one or two wavelengths that are not synchronized.  The patented control system that  generates the MLS pulse synchronizes the emissions to achieve results previously unattainable.  Thanks to this charcteristic synchronization, the various therapeutic effects not only take place at the same time but reciprocally reinforce each other.

Q.  Are cutting edge MLS Laser Therapy Lasers class IV?

A.  Yes, MLS Lasers are Class IV Lasers with a peak power of 25 watts.

Q. What is the depth penetration of the MLS laser?

A.  The depth of penetration varies due to tissue type but it will penetrate 4-5 cm in most cases.

Q.  How many treatments are usually needed to get results?

A.  Results can often be seen after the first treatment.  Most conditions have protocols that range from 6-10 treatments.  The treatments are cumulative and are delivered 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks.

Q.  How was MLS laser therapy developed and tested?

A.  MLS Laser Therapy has been developed and tested following a strict course of biomedical and clinical research.  The effectieness of the combination of the emissions making up the MLS pulse was initially tested in vitro on cellular cultures, then in vivo on animals and finally by means of controlled clinical trials run by major state-of-the-art health organizations for treating traumatic and degenerative painful diseases..