DPR Reset Zone
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DPR Reset Zone

Your DPR Reset Zone is powered by Vitabot via the DPRWellness membership tracker*.  We work with the best minds in nutrition, weight loss and eating for reaching healthier lifestyle goals and a higher level of wellness by learning how to accomplish (forever) the goals you set for yourself.   

You select accountability tracking via phone or tablet, or the comfort of a desktop.  Once the tracker is downloaded onto your devices is when you can step into learning how to plan and reach your health and fitness goals.   For pennies a day, and no ads, connect to your leaner lifestyle in seconds.  Our tutorials and membership features are seamless.  We are committed to helping you with your learning "how to" achieve your  Wellness, Weight Loss and Fit Lifestyle goals.  Select your membership level that best fits YOU!   You can connect as a patient of Dr. Robinson or non-patient.  Our membership plans are designed for you to succeed at an affordable price.  Our staff nutritionist can offer personalized counseling at your request.

Learn how to create personal meal plans that meet the highest standards of nutrition.  The DPR Wellness membership tracker* makes it easy for you to apply what you learn by bringing awareness to your daily eating.  Experience results with complete and balanced nutrition.  


DPR Reset Zone Lifestyle Membership Tracker


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*DPR Wellness Tracker works like an app.  Seamless plus no advertisements!  Yes, only pennies a day to have access.