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Understanding Food Labels

Your Food Label Redesigned and Easier to Understand!


The new FDA Food Label was redesigned to help you make informed food buying decisions that impact your health. The new food labels will be most important for people who are on a diet and want to know what they're eating. With these new labels, it will be easier for you to make informed decisions about what you’re choosing to buy and eat.

The new label requirements helps to reduce confusion about what different foods contain and provides more awareness about nutrition. The serving size and calories per serving has finally been clarified and is no longer confusing. Here’s what you can expect when making informed food buying decisions:

  1. Serving sizes are in a larger, and bold type.

  2. Serving sizes are updated for a realistic amount for consumption.

  3. Calories are in a larger type for full viewing.

  4. Daily values are now listed for all categories.

  5. Actual amounts are declared for each nutrient with changes in nutrients required.

  6. Added sugars are now required to the total sugars.

  7. A new footnote is listed.

Make informed buying decisions. This is your label refresh! The 8 known allergens will still be required and listed if they are a part of the ingredients list or manufacturing process. In 2023 Sesame will be the 9th allergen that will be required to be listed on food labels.

Here’s the new label format:

NFL NewLabel 900x900 0 1