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Our Castro Valley Store offers nutritional products that are manufactured for purity, potency and absorbable availability. We select product lines that are FDA registered and inspected and follow all mandatory cGMP guidelines. Label integrity, cost effective pricing with quality product formulations is our standard. Improving wellness outcomes to every patient or client is our goal!

Fortify Your Immune Defenses

In this 20 minute video you'll learn the factors that damage your immune system and the role Ai/E10 plays in supporting immune health.* Here's your opportunity to learn how to fortify your immune system through intentional supplementation.


Power Charge Your Memory

Dr. Wadja, a board certified Psychiatrist and Osteopath, reformulated Super MemX2 to better meet the mental acuity results he was looking for in a functional formula.


Jump Start Your Immune Health

Protect Your Immune Health Now!  Immune health is a top priority at Body Wise every day of the year. Even when it's not making headlines and prompting news alerts.Is it a top priority for you?

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