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Body Wise is committed to delivering optimum nutrition with supplements that are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade standards for enhanced bioavailable absorption. Each batch is microbiological tested to make sure the nutritional value of all ingredients meet purity and safety guidelines. Body Wise products are cold processed to protect nutritional value and are formulated for potency and efficacy.


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Fortify Your Immune Defenses

In this 20 minute video you'll learn the factors that damage your immune system and the role Ai/E10 plays in supporting immune health.* Here's your opportunity to learn how to fortify your immune system through intentional supplementation.


Power Charge Your Memory

Dr. Wadja, a board certified Psychiatrist and Osteopath, reformulated Super MemX2 to better meet the mental acuity results he was looking for in a functional formula.


Jump Start Your Immune Health

Protect Your Immune Health Now!  Immune health is a top priority at Body Wise every day of the year. Even when it's not making headlines and prompting news alerts.Is it a top priority for you?

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