Travel and Lose with Intention!

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WEBtravel      Give Yourself Permission to Lose and get Fit while Traveling!

Here are DPR tips for travel that will add to your goal to lose and stay on track.  Have fun while upping your travel intention:

  1. Fiber Rich Foods:  feel full longer and get the benefit of Whole Food Nutrition!
  2. Drink plenty of water:  avoid dehydration when traveling.  Monitor alcohol intake as a side     bonus.
  3. Multi-task your activities:  up your walking opportunities.
  4. No Gym while traveling?  Bring your stretch bands and take a power walk/jog.
  5. Schedule your meals and stay on your regular eating schedule.  Skipped meals often leads to heftier portions.
  6. Find opportunities to keep moving.  You will have plenty of time to sit while in transit.  Find new ways to walk places, even at the airport.
  7. Don’t let your trip be your weight, or lack of weight loss, excuse.  Set your travel intention.  Indulge yet do not over indulge.  Know your serving sizes and snack wisely.
  8. Bring your own whole food snacks to stay on track.
  9. Take time to enjoy your meal and snacks.  Choose intention over lack of planning.