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Lifestyle Choices

Diabetes in Midlife Could increase Risk of Dementia Later in Life

diabetes risk

If you've been putting off exercise or swearing you'll start eating healthier tomorrow -- here's your wake up call. A new study says diabetes in midlife could increase your risk for cognitive decline later on.

It's estimated that just under one in 10 Americans have diabetes. Research has proven that maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise can also help prevent the disease, as obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes Might Reverse Cell Aging, Study Suggests

Slicing veggies  Are You Ready to Make Healthier Choices?

Eat whole foods. Exercise. Meditate. Rely on supportive family and friends. All of these things have been linked, whether independently or together, with better health. And now, a new study shows it's never too late to start reaping the benefits of changing to healthy lifestyle -- and that those changes could even reverse cell aging.

The study, published in the journal, The Lancet Oncology, shows that healthy lifestyle changes can have an impact on aging and age-related diseases on a cellular level, by increasing the length of telomeres. Telomeres are the "caps" that protect the ends of chromosomes, similar to how shoelaces have plastic caps to stop them from fraying.

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Healthy Lifestyle, it's up to you!

DPR Zone Web 2The key to success along your quest for a healthier lifestyle, whether it be weight  loss, weight gain, reading food labels, curbing carb and fat triggers, making strategic food choices to overcome your specific battle or yo-yo pattern is having and understanding your Wellness and Lifestyle tools.  These lifestyle tools are the lifeblood of mastering what currently keeps you from achieving your ideal weight, lowering cholesterol, aiding in stress reduction and empowering you to win with habit changes and goal accomplishments.  

When you understand how to put your healthier lifestyle to work for you is when you fully embrace the power you have with your lifestyle choices.  Are you ready for  healthier lifestyle benefits?