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Carb Smart and Fiber Wise

Asian Pears have a high fiber to carb ratio


Asian Pears are high in fiber, helps to lower sodium content in other foods, is potassium rich while also providing Vitamin K, Copper and Vitamin C to the nutrient rich density these pears offer.  One large Asian Pear is 116 calories.  Absorb the nutrients and enjoy the crisp treat of your next Asian Pear.  The photo is actually of my Asian Pear tree in my back yard.This will be a late season pick this year (2015).  I love my yard to table foods.  Fresh when picked!

Caprese Salad is Carb Smart


Caprese Salad is a great starter salad when dining out or when making it at home to enhance your main dish.  I believe that you can get creative with the traditional basil, tomatoes and mozzerella and a dash of olive oil.  Add in blueberries or an Asian pear.  The best part is that you have full control over how you sway your carbs (up your tomatoes and basil and ???) and try spritzing your olive oil. Yes, spritz and not drench. This salad was made with mozzarella pearls to reduce fat content. The tomatoes are fresh grown from a friends yard as is the fresh basil.  Yes, yard to table fresh!

Avocado, your nutrient dense high fiber and good fat food!


If Fiber were a drug, the world would be clamoring to sign up for their fix.  Fiber helps to lower blood sugar, cut cholesterol and helps prevent colon cancer and avoid hemorrhoids.  So, if fiber is so fabulous, why do we not get our daily dose?

Eating the overabundance of highly processed foods, which includes white flour, white pasta, white sugar and the foods that use these ingredients, such as packaged food products like white or brown bread.  Over processing strips fiber density from the food being created such as saltine crackers rather than flax seeded crackers made from whole grains. 

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Fiber, Your Slimmer Friend

Fiber:  Your Slimmer Friend

What provides no nutrition yet is very healthy for us?   FIBER!

Fiber is plant based and Americans are deficient in getting their daily RDA (recommended dietary allowance).  Do you know your fiber number?  For women it is 25 grams and men is 38 grams.  The daily American intake is 15 grams.  So, learn more about your fabulous fiber partner.  Your best friend when losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight. 

So, let’s get started . . . 

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