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Turn Resistance Exercise into Your FAT LOSS Friend!

Resistance exercise is important when your goal is endurance, increased muscle strength which can include muscle mass. Additional resistance benefits can include fat loss with resistance exercise consistency. Resistance exercise forces your skeletal muscles to contract.


External resistance can include: dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, rocks, your own body weight and the list goes on. Resistance exercises can happen easily every day with habit changes that prompt you to get them in with regularity. You can go to the gym or you can get your fit on at home. Hopefully, you are getting the resistance picture. If the weights or movements you use cause muscles to contract, then you are using resistance to help your overall fitness with the goal you have set for yourself to achieve. Here at DPR Wellness, we want you to get resistance fit as a daily habit.


Select your resistance: body weight, free weights or weight machines. Find your five minutes daily to create your habit. At least 5 minutes gets you started. Habit establishment, daily consistency and your health benefits will follow. What are you waiting for?


Command your results, everyday! You have the power.