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Double Your Weight Loss
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Discover the Power of App Tracking and Weight Loss Results

The DPR Reset Zone is a comprehensive primary care based weight loss management program designed to help "members" achieve their health and wellness goals and develop healthy living skills to reduce the risk of complications from chronic medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol.  Research shows that being overweight is related to many medical problems and indicates that effective weight managment can improve medical outcomes.  Dr. Robinson chooses to take on nutrition health by offering a member program to help you take charge of your health outcomes.  His DPR Wellness and Weightloss (tracking) app is his premier member tool for help in changing medical outcomes through learning how to live a healthier lifestyle in every aspect of daily living.

Tracking apps are available with varying features.  Dr. Robinson carefully considered what was best for his patients when choosing the features that would help with tracking, goal setting and educating to create habit change over time with consistent use.  The vitabot engine has the instant tools that provide ease of tracking and a full media center to create a library of healthy tools based on what you, the user, decides to select and engage with every day.  Daily and ease of use is what will inspire change.  Most of all he wanted an app that has a low learning curve and one-on-one interaction with his staff nutritionist as requested.  The DPR Reset Zone is about results through habit changes that are designed to work with each individual based on each persons health goals and time line to achieve a positive outcome that lasts.  Take a look at some of the DPR Wellness and Weight Loss features available in the DPR Wellness app:

  •     Instant DPR Wellness app dowload with your custom welcome code (instant to all digital devices)
  •    Video Tutorials to learn the app (live app learning available M-F)
  •    Voice or picture command to journal what you eat and plan your daily meals and snacks
  •    Create a media library from You Tube or Ted Talks to view your custom member portal
  •    Set goals instantly and view results
  •    Add in your custom recipes
  •    Select from thousands of meal plans that meet your intake goals
  •    Add in your favorite foods to journal in seconds 
  •    Connect with your nutritionist to recieve personalized coaching
  •    Learn how to balance your meal plans for health results 
  •    Discover new foods through our meal plan library
  •    Connect with our customized calendar to help you achieve daily success (see example below)